The Great Outdoors


Boy” by tookapic is licensed under CC by 2.0

It won’t be wrong to call our kids ‘robo-babies’. Robo-babies as in not exactly robot babies; more like a ‘multimedia generation’ that would prefer spending hours curled up indoors in some remote recess, glued to their tablets, laptops or iPods. My kids are no exception – in fact, they are very fine examples of this new ‘multimedia generation’ of sorts.  I know for a fact that I can’t wean them off from the gadgets which form a part and parcel of their daily life and neither do I wish to do so. But what I do wish is that they venture outdoors, even if it is for as little as a couple of minutes a day, away from their screens and video games. Even if it entails playing something like Pokemon Go. It would do for a start at least.

So, in the season and month of New Year resolutions, my sole resolution is this: I’m going to show them and not tell them. Show them the joy and exhilaration of jogging along a grassy track, cycling on cobbled paths and sitting on grass damp with dew in the early morning sunshine. It is easier said than done. But then, children learn from what they see. The key here lies in introducing the outdoors as a fun activity – be it a beach picnic coupled with a barefoot run in the sand, skate-boarding with helmets on in the evenings or just a daily ritual of a ten minute jog in the park, with their favorite music plugged in. My resolution is that I’m going to lead by example, and run alongside them. What’s more, I am quite sure that once these young, digitally controlled minds start, they will never want to stop. And that’ll hopefully be one resolution I won’t have to give up on as the New Year sets in!

Thanksgiving Travel Tips: Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

Our family will be traveling for a major portion of Thanksgiving week this year. The annual vacation was long overdue and thus we decided to make the most of this holiday and hit the road this November, before the New Year set in.


Childhood” by venturaartist is licensed under CC by 2.0

When it comes to the kids, going on a road trip is a pretty dicey business. They are all excited while planning for the journey in the days leading up to the trip, getting their satchels ready, deciding what snacks to carry along with them and the like. But once they are actually seated in the car for long hours at a stretch, more often than not they end up getting cranky. Hence, I decided to look up some fun game ideas – which are not board games, not virtual games and not card games or jigsaw puzzles – that could do their bit in keeping them gainfully and happily occupied on the back seat. Here are a couple of them which seemed interesting.

Create a story

Making up a story can be very enjoyable, especially in a group. This is something each member of the family can participate in. Ask one of the kids to come up with an interesting start to a story in a single sentence. It could be any random thing they can think of, or you could give the entire game an interesting twist by using sights and sounds on your journey to make up the story. For instance, ‘Once upon a time four people set out in a car’ followed by ‘It was early morning and they were very excited’ or something along similar lines. As each person in the car adds their own perspective to the tale, this could be an entertaining activity which could go on for quite some time and probable elicit a few laughs along the way too.

Karaoke away to glory!

This is something that can literally never go wrong. Before you set out on your trip, jot down and get together each family member’s favorite songs (my personal favorites are Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra and Fast Car by Tracy Chapman). If you don’t know where to begin, have a look at this official road trip playlist, it has some good numbers. Have a surprise gift ready – like a chocolate – for the best singer of the lot. Singing your way along while feeling the wind in your hair can be a great stress buster and gives you that feel-good factor; know what I mean?

Make an ice-cream sundae

This one is simple – think up of all the colors that go in your favorite ice-cream sundae. For example, yellow for mango, pink for strawberry, white for vanilla, brown for chocolate and so on. Don’t forget to add the red cherry on the top! Now begin by looking out of the car window and trying to spot passing objects in the colors you’ve decided on. A white car for vanilla, the trunk of a tree for chocolate and red apples for cherries… this is how it goes. Whoever completes their sundae first wins. And of course, the perfect end to this game would be to stop and have an ice-cream on the way!

Here’s to happy memories, happy times and happy moments on your road trip… and Happy Thanksgiving too!

Pumpkin Carving Halloween Activity


Pumpkin” by laurenhudgins is licensed under CC by 2.0

Carving pumpkins with my dad for Halloween and laying them out proudly on the front porch is one of the earliest memories of my childhood. This year, I’ve decided to do the same with my little ones. Our pumpkin would probably not be a very finely crafted one, but then, we could always do up the ‘scary’ quotient!

Here goes.

Step 1: Setting up a work area of old newspapers

This is the first step. The process is bound to be messy and the better half should find no reason to point fingers at dad and daughter.

Step 2: Removing the top of the pumpkin

I prefer spooning out a roughly square-shaped lid from the top of the pumpkin. Simply draw a square at the top and try scooping it out with your knife angled inwards.

Step 3: Scooping out the filling

A large plastic spoon should do the trick. The more you scrape the pumpkin clean from the inside, the brighter you jack-o’-lantern will turn out to be.

Step 4: Carving the design

Your little one will love drawing a hideous looking grin and big eyes on the pumpkin. Slow and steady here, one cut too deep and your carving will go kaput.

Step 5: Lighting up your jack-o’-lantern

Back then, we used lighted candles inside our pumpkins. Now, we have the option of using equally good (if not better) flickering LEDs. Choose one and you’re done!

Spooks galore,

Scary witches at your door,

Jack-o’-lanterns smiling bright,

Wishing you a haunting night!

3 Video Games Parents & Kids Should Play Together

“Every time you play a video game with someone in the same room, your breathing rates will start to sync up, your heart rates will start beating at the same pulse and your facial expressions and body language will mirror each other. It means your brains are working in exactly the same way.”

So claims Jane McGonigal, the author of the book called Superbetter which tries to explore the science behind gaming. And what can be better when the other ‘someone in the same room’ is your own child, who would generally turn up his or her nose at you in normal circumstances whenever you suggest something (or anything) new?


Joystick” by paulinapratko is licensed under CC by 2.0

I am one of those parents who is a staunch supporter of the belief that parents and kids playing video games together brings them closer to each other, in the process doing a world of good to both parties. Hence, here are three video games which are my personal favorites when it comes to gaming time together as a family.

Mario Kart

This one tops our list of video games at home for one simple reason – it is a whole lot of fun! This gravity-defying go-kart style racing video game appeals to both the young generations as well as the older ones. Be it shells being thrown on opponents, driving into and through power-up item boxes along the racing course or a fellow player slipping on a banana peel strategically placed on the way by one of his opponents, each aspect of Mario Kart is engaging and enjoyable.

School of Dragons

This is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) which is a big hit with my kids. They adore both the How to Train Your Dragon movies and are eagerly awaiting the third film in the series. The dragon games in question involve choosing and hatching your own dragon from more than 50 different species available, exploring the exciting Viking world Cressida Cowell’s books and the subsequent movies are set in and (best of all, according to me) the science experiments and educational quests they get to participate in within the School of Dragons.

Wii Sports

I can vouch for the fact that dads – irrespective of whether they are avid gamers or not – are going to absolutely love this one. Right from swinging a tennis racket to putting on your boxing gloves and delivering one punch at a time, Wii Sports is almost as good as the real tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing; minus the actual physical exercise of course. Which is why dads like me are not really complaining, eh? 🙂

Which video games do you enjoy playing with your kids, if yours too is a gamer-friendly household like ours?

Virtual Reality versus Augmented Reality

Before we finish marveling at the newest innovation in the field of science and technology, yet another more fascinating element or feature comes up that we just cannot ignore. It is like this ever oncoming wave of e-transformations; no doubt we live in extremely exciting times! What is the latest innovation that is about to take the world by storm? AR, short for Augmented Reality.

Image 1

Virtual Reality” by ijmaki is licensed under CC by 2.0

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Wikipedia defines AR thus:

‘Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented} by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.’

 Picture this: You are sitting in your favorite Italian restaurant. You take your phone out of your pocket and scan the yellow mustard sauce bottle placed beside the pizza in front of you on the table. Voila! No sooner did you click the picture that an entire elaborate recipe book shows up on your phone screen, replete with suggestions for dinner using the particular mustard sauce in question as an ingredient. Sounds too good to be true? Well, with augmented reality apps like Blippar in the market, this is but the reality.

As things are going, it won’t be long before almost everyone you see walking around the streets going about their daily lives will be perpetually plugged in to their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. In addition to other virtual games in the market, take the instance of the immense popularity of a game like Pokemon Go, which has brought together virtual reality as well as brick and mortar businesses on the same page.

The Difference between AR and VR

Talk about virtual reality and you envision a world that is virtual in effect, a world that users can interact with. Effective virtual worlds are designed in such a way that users would find it difficult to distinguish between real world and virtual world objects.

On the other hand, augmented reality goes a step further – it blends together real life and virtual reality, thus having the upper hand over VR. Apps in AR are set with the real world as a backdrop, and virtual contents are blended in within that. Hence, the difference between real and virtual is pretty clear in AR, unlike VR.

Toys and Games go Hi-Tech

Online game and app designers for kids are trying their best to cash in on the growing popularity of AR. Here are three examples:

  1. QR Code Storybooks: This is all about fairy tales coming alive and talking to kids. Hidden videos in the form of Quick Response (QR) codes are activated by kids while reading – this is akin to using a touchscreen device.
  2. AR Jigsaw Puzzles: Move over the board game type jigsaw puzzles we pieced together in our own childhood; they are passé now. New AR jigsaw puzzles are all set to enthrall the kids. Say your child has just put together a jungle safari jigsaw puzzle; with AR, you could actually make your way virtually through the said safari riding on the back of an elephant!
  3. AR Coloring Apps: No points for guessing how this works… The page one colors virtually comes alive! The perfect mix of a physical coloring experience with the latest augmented reality technology.

Image 2

Image courtesy: An Eccentric Life

Coming from a person like Mark Zuckerberg, the day being talked about sure isn’t too far. What do you think?

‘Welcome to Jupiter!’

This is what flashed on screens at mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California two days ago when the Juno spacecraft successfully started orbiting the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter.


Juno” by WikiImages is licensed under CC by 2.0

Juno was launched from the earth on August 5, 2011 and has traveled 2.8 billion kilometers since then to complete its almost 5-year-long journey. It carries nine scientific instruments on board which will automatically switch on as programmed earlier by the end of this week, in order to start sending back scientific observations by and by. What’s more, once it is done with its work by early 2018, scientists have its end all planned out too – like its predecessor Galileo, it will be reduced to ashes in the highly radiative atmosphere of the planet generally referred to as the ‘gas giant’.

Wondering why I’m suddenly spouting so much info about Juno and Jupiter? Well, back in my childhood days, I remember having a big hard-covered picture and fact book (like an encyclopedia) that talked about space, galaxies and solar systems. Each time the book was opened, I would be fascinated – the unknown wonders of space, the possibility of life out there and my imagination would wander far and wide. News about space travel or anything to do with it transfixed me back then, and it transfixes me now. So when my daughter caught the news about Juno on TV, I decided to bring out the same ‘space book’ and pore over it, like we did in the olden days. And we spent a successful ninety minutes or so learning about the same, almost akin to a science lesson.

By the way, did you know that the name ‘Juno’ has its roots in Greek and Roman mythology? Legend has it that the mythical God Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself in order to hide his mischievousness,  and his wife – the Goddess Juno – had the power to peer through the clouds and unveil his true nature.

I heard my wife give a chuckle from the next room when I read this out. But obviously.

Ideal Father’s Day Gifts for a Sports-Loving Dad

I recently came across this list of Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who seem to have it all. It left me wondering what dads like me would probably want on this special occasion meant for making dads feel special.

I’m a sports-loving dad. Definitely. And since Father’s Day is just around the corner, this post is dedicated to all the like-minded sporty dads out there – plus, their kids and better halves who are still in a quandary regarding what to gift the dads on their special day.

For golfer dads who love to par-tee

Image 1

Happy Fathers Day” by hannahlouise123 is licensed under CC by 2.0

If you’re short on time, get your hands on stylishly designed golf club covers which will encourage your dad to spend more time out teeing on the golf course. If your budget is not too low, try getting him some custom imprinted personalized velocity gift balls with his name as well as a favorite sporting quote of his on it and he’ll be proud to show them off to his golfer friends. However, if neither of the above seem to work, simply gift him a (couple of) year(s) membership of the local/town golf course (if he doesn’t have a lifetime membership already). It’ll spur him on to get outdoors every weekend or so and spend some extra time on the grassy golf course.

For footballer dads who eat, sleep, play soccer

Okay, so first things first: Let me make it very clear that the so-called ‘grown men shouldn’t wear jerseys rule’ is totally unfounded and doesn’t hold true under any circumstances whatsoever. Footballer dads adore and treasure their favorite team or player’s jerseys (and this is speaking from personal experience). While the named jerseys of legends never go out of style, it is best to gift your dad one named after a current favorite player of his, so that he can wear it on his favorite game evenings. Too late to get him one? Gift him a team mug instead and you’re sure to see it on the kitchen counter first thing every morning with his daily cuppa coffee.

For swimmer dads who just wish to dive in

Image 2

Swimming Pool” by HardyS is licensed under CC by 2.0

Items like waterproof stop watches are passé; think more along the lines of something that is out-of-the-box if your dad is someone who loves to swim. If your dad is an avid gamer, maybe a waterproof cover for his phone would be a good idea; he could then play his favorite virtual games while floating on his back. How would he like a floating cordless water radio which plays AM/FM? Or else maybe a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker which he can connect to his smartphone and play all his preferred playlists while spending time in the water? After all, music always makes good things even better.

Last but not the least, dads would be perfectly happy if they get to spend Father’s Day evening (or any other evening for that matter) just sitting back on the couch with a tub of popcorn and/or a hot dog surrounded by their better halves and the kids while a perfectly exciting game is taking place live on the television. That’s all it takes to make us dads happy 🙂