3 Mother’s Day Ideas for Dads

Now that I come to think of it, the title to this post does seem a tad confusing; after all, Mother’s Day should ideally be for mothers, shouldn’t it? Well, let me explain what I meant when I wrote ‘Mother’s Day Ideas for Dads’. Mother’s Day is an occasion to be celebrated at home to make mums feel special. And in order to make the day extraordinarily special, dads need to lend their kids a helping hand with stuff. Hence, the title in question.

Here are three Mother’s Day ideas to be given the finishing ‘Dad-touch’ along with the kids’ help.

Picnic day

Image 1

Hat” by ki-kieh is licensed under CC by 2.0

Simple enough, if you think of it as a series of steps. One, zero in on a place that is clean, green and relatively noise-pollution free. Two, ask your little one to create a handmade picnic invitation card to be presented to mum with a flourish. For instance, it could have a scenery drawn and colored by mom’s pet on the cover, addressed to ‘Mom’ inside with the time, location and mode of travel all mentioned point wise. Next comes the food part. It need not be anything very elaborate; easy-to-munch fruits that are not messy such as apples or pears, cucumber and tomato sandwiches, cookies or chips and a bottle of lemonade are good enough (just make sure mum has no access to the kitchen while you are packing the food with your kids since it is supposed to be her special day). Ditch your tablets and virtual games, laptops and work emails for a day, shove in a football or a Frisbee into the car instead and you’re all set for quality family time mom would love!

Family picture

We hardly ever get family portraits clicked. I recently came across an article in a magazine in which a mom talked about how it was an annual family tradition of theirs to get family photographs clicked on a designated day every year, and how she treasures all the pictures now years after they were actually taken, now that her kids have moved out of home and are busy with lives of their own. I thought it was a very good idea. So this Mother’s Day, we’ll get out the tripod along with our camera, dress up in our very best and click away. The kids are already working on a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ streamer to be put up in the background, on the wall behind the sofa. Getting the picture all nicely framed to be propped up on the mantelpiece is their dad’s responsibility.

Handmade happiness

Image 2

Girl” by kaboompics is licensed under CC by 2.0

Something that is handmade is so much more meaningful than something, say, that is just bought off a shelf. If mom loves reading, make her a handmade bookmark – it could be cardboard painted with water colors or even a photograph of her along with the kids stuck onto hard paper. If she loves gardening, dads could help kids paint terracotta pots in vibrant hues and present cheerful potted flowers to be kept on the window sill of the kitchen. If she enjoys baking or cooking, a hand-print apron (marked with fabric paints) could be a good idea. Or else, have a look at these handmade gift ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Dads, remember – Father’s Day is just around the corner too. Why not set a good example and wait for what comes your way next month in return?!


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