Three Useful Objects Kids Can Make Out Of Lego

‘Eat. Sleep. Build. Repeat.’

There was a time back as a kid when holidays from school were spent like this, with those little colorful plastic construction Lego blocks strewn all over the place, much to the chagrin of mother who, inadvertently, had to step on one of the pieces every now and then, leading to a never-ending tirade unleashed on us (to no avail, if I may add). We made houses and cars, animals and dinosaurs, but my all-time favorite was making firemen. Nothing could beat that thrill.

Image 1

Fireman” by HeyouRelax is licensed under CC by 2.0

Thankfully, Lego (like play dough) has turned out to be something that has not gone out of fashion, as my kids seem to love making things out of it till date. However, their ideas are very different and much more elaborate than what we made back then. We used to make things for fun; but kids today make things which can actually be used. Here are the last couple of things my kids (with a little bit of help from me, occasionally) fashioned from those evergreen building blocks.

A Phone/Tablet Stand

Okay, I admit I found this idea online last week and held on to it as my own in front of the kids. We designed a tablet holder for the study table, which is such that the tablet (or phone) can remain propped up in a standing position. It can be charged like that and the kids can even lie face down (their favorite position while playing virtual games on the internet) and play on it without the need to hold it aloft.

A Button/Jewelry/Key Box

Image 2

Building” by Efraimstochter is licensed under CC by 2.0

Albeit quite a small one, to store ear-rings or finger rings or keys or even buttons. It even has a lid made out of the Lego pieces which can be taken off and fitted on perfectly. My wife has one on her dressing table, I have one on the mantelpiece in the living room and from what I overheard last, the kids are hard at work making a ‘bigger’ box for their own use, to store I-know-not-what. Pretty handy and cheerful looking, these bright boxes.

A Sign Board

I guess the kids wanted to actually write ‘Enter at your own risk’ or something of that sort, but couldn’t find enough Lego pieces to go ahead with that plan. Hence, their Lego signboard now reads ‘Knock!’. Don’t miss the dangerous exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. This warning sign occupies pride of place on a small cabinet just next to the door of their room.

I did suggest a pen/pencil holder to them as a new project but it was turned down without further discussion – apparently they think it to be too simple a thing to be built. This made me do a wee bit of research online to discover the marvels that can be built out of Lego – and it surely did not disappoint. For instance, have a look at this video which talks about the ’10 Most Incredible Lego Creations’. Unbelievably creative. My idea of a pen/pencil holder seems more ridiculous than ever. Sigh.


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