Thanksgiving Travel Tips: Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

Our family will be traveling for a major portion of Thanksgiving week this year. The annual vacation was long overdue and thus we decided to make the most of this holiday and hit the road this November, before the New Year set in.


Childhood” by venturaartist is licensed under CC by 2.0

When it comes to the kids, going on a road trip is a pretty dicey business. They are all excited while planning for the journey in the days leading up to the trip, getting their satchels ready, deciding what snacks to carry along with them and the like. But once they are actually seated in the car for long hours at a stretch, more often than not they end up getting cranky. Hence, I decided to look up some fun game ideas – which are not board games, not virtual games and not card games or jigsaw puzzles – that could do their bit in keeping them gainfully and happily occupied on the back seat. Here are a couple of them which seemed interesting.

Create a story

Making up a story can be very enjoyable, especially in a group. This is something each member of the family can participate in. Ask one of the kids to come up with an interesting start to a story in a single sentence. It could be any random thing they can think of, or you could give the entire game an interesting twist by using sights and sounds on your journey to make up the story. For instance, ‘Once upon a time four people set out in a car’ followed by ‘It was early morning and they were very excited’ or something along similar lines. As each person in the car adds their own perspective to the tale, this could be an entertaining activity which could go on for quite some time and probable elicit a few laughs along the way too.

Karaoke away to glory!

This is something that can literally never go wrong. Before you set out on your trip, jot down and get together each family member’s favorite songs (my personal favorites are Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra and Fast Car by Tracy Chapman). If you don’t know where to begin, have a look at this official road trip playlist, it has some good numbers. Have a surprise gift ready – like a chocolate – for the best singer of the lot. Singing your way along while feeling the wind in your hair can be a great stress buster and gives you that feel-good factor; know what I mean?

Make an ice-cream sundae

This one is simple – think up of all the colors that go in your favorite ice-cream sundae. For example, yellow for mango, pink for strawberry, white for vanilla, brown for chocolate and so on. Don’t forget to add the red cherry on the top! Now begin by looking out of the car window and trying to spot passing objects in the colors you’ve decided on. A white car for vanilla, the trunk of a tree for chocolate and red apples for cherries… this is how it goes. Whoever completes their sundae first wins. And of course, the perfect end to this game would be to stop and have an ice-cream on the way!

Here’s to happy memories, happy times and happy moments on your road trip… and Happy Thanksgiving too!


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