Pumpkin Carving Halloween Activity


Pumpkin” by laurenhudgins is licensed under CC by 2.0

Carving pumpkins with my dad for Halloween and laying them out proudly on the front porch is one of the earliest memories of my childhood. This year, I’ve decided to do the same with my little ones. Our pumpkin would probably not be a very finely crafted one, but then, we could always do up the ‘scary’ quotient!

Here goes.

Step 1: Setting up a work area of old newspapers

This is the first step. The process is bound to be messy and the better half should find no reason to point fingers at dad and daughter.

Step 2: Removing the top of the pumpkin

I prefer spooning out a roughly square-shaped lid from the top of the pumpkin. Simply draw a square at the top and try scooping it out with your knife angled inwards.

Step 3: Scooping out the filling

A large plastic spoon should do the trick. The more you scrape the pumpkin clean from the inside, the brighter you jack-o’-lantern will turn out to be.

Step 4: Carving the design

Your little one will love drawing a hideous looking grin and big eyes on the pumpkin. Slow and steady here, one cut too deep and your carving will go kaput.

Step 5: Lighting up your jack-o’-lantern

Back then, we used lighted candles inside our pumpkins. Now, we have the option of using equally good (if not better) flickering LEDs. Choose one and you’re done!

Spooks galore,

Scary witches at your door,

Jack-o’-lanterns smiling bright,

Wishing you a haunting night!


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