3 Video Games Parents & Kids Should Play Together

“Every time you play a video game with someone in the same room, your breathing rates will start to sync up, your heart rates will start beating at the same pulse and your facial expressions and body language will mirror each other. It means your brains are working in exactly the same way.”

So claims Jane McGonigal, the author of the book called Superbetter which tries to explore the science behind gaming. And what can be better when the other ‘someone in the same room’ is your own child, who would generally turn up his or her nose at you in normal circumstances whenever you suggest something (or anything) new?


Joystick” by paulinapratko is licensed under CC by 2.0

I am one of those parents who is a staunch supporter of the belief that parents and kids playing video games together brings them closer to each other, in the process doing a world of good to both parties. Hence, here are three video games which are my personal favorites when it comes to gaming time together as a family.

Mario Kart

This one tops our list of video games at home for one simple reason – it is a whole lot of fun! This gravity-defying go-kart style racing video game appeals to both the young generations as well as the older ones. Be it shells being thrown on opponents, driving into and through power-up item boxes along the racing course or a fellow player slipping on a banana peel strategically placed on the way by one of his opponents, each aspect of Mario Kart is engaging and enjoyable.

School of Dragons

This is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) which is a big hit with my kids. They adore both the How to Train Your Dragon movies and are eagerly awaiting the third film in the series. The dragon games in question involve choosing and hatching your own dragon from more than 50 different species available, exploring the exciting Viking world Cressida Cowell’s books and the subsequent movies are set in and (best of all, according to me) the science experiments and educational quests they get to participate in within the School of Dragons.

Wii Sports

I can vouch for the fact that dads – irrespective of whether they are avid gamers or not – are going to absolutely love this one. Right from swinging a tennis racket to putting on your boxing gloves and delivering one punch at a time, Wii Sports is almost as good as the real tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing; minus the actual physical exercise of course. Which is why dads like me are not really complaining, eh? 🙂

Which video games do you enjoy playing with your kids, if yours too is a gamer-friendly household like ours?


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