Ideal Father’s Day Gifts for a Sports-Loving Dad

I recently came across this list of Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who seem to have it all. It left me wondering what dads like me would probably want on this special occasion meant for making dads feel special.

I’m a sports-loving dad. Definitely. And since Father’s Day is just around the corner, this post is dedicated to all the like-minded sporty dads out there – plus, their kids and better halves who are still in a quandary regarding what to gift the dads on their special day.

For golfer dads who love to par-tee

Image 1

Happy Fathers Day” by hannahlouise123 is licensed under CC by 2.0

If you’re short on time, get your hands on stylishly designed golf club covers which will encourage your dad to spend more time out teeing on the golf course. If your budget is not too low, try getting him some custom imprinted personalized velocity gift balls with his name as well as a favorite sporting quote of his on it and he’ll be proud to show them off to his golfer friends. However, if neither of the above seem to work, simply gift him a (couple of) year(s) membership of the local/town golf course (if he doesn’t have a lifetime membership already). It’ll spur him on to get outdoors every weekend or so and spend some extra time on the grassy golf course.

For footballer dads who eat, sleep, play soccer

Okay, so first things first: Let me make it very clear that the so-called ‘grown men shouldn’t wear jerseys rule’ is totally unfounded and doesn’t hold true under any circumstances whatsoever. Footballer dads adore and treasure their favorite team or player’s jerseys (and this is speaking from personal experience). While the named jerseys of legends never go out of style, it is best to gift your dad one named after a current favorite player of his, so that he can wear it on his favorite game evenings. Too late to get him one? Gift him a team mug instead and you’re sure to see it on the kitchen counter first thing every morning with his daily cuppa coffee.

For swimmer dads who just wish to dive in

Image 2

Swimming Pool” by HardyS is licensed under CC by 2.0

Items like waterproof stop watches are passé; think more along the lines of something that is out-of-the-box if your dad is someone who loves to swim. If your dad is an avid gamer, maybe a waterproof cover for his phone would be a good idea; he could then play his favorite virtual games while floating on his back. How would he like a floating cordless water radio which plays AM/FM? Or else maybe a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker which he can connect to his smartphone and play all his preferred playlists while spending time in the water? After all, music always makes good things even better.

Last but not the least, dads would be perfectly happy if they get to spend Father’s Day evening (or any other evening for that matter) just sitting back on the couch with a tub of popcorn and/or a hot dog surrounded by their better halves and the kids while a perfectly exciting game is taking place live on the television. That’s all it takes to make us dads happy 🙂


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