Mother’s Day and Football


Mother’s Day” by Wokandapix is licensed under CC by 2.0

Thankfully to me (and much to my wife’s chagrin), our daughter is turning out to be like me in a number of ways. For instance, she has already managed to accumulate about a dozen pairs of mismatched socks (I have several dozens). She insists on having no less than three chocolate chip cookies at one go (I agree; one simply does not get the actual flavor of the cookies if one eats less than three chocolatey ones at a time). And when last weekend she announced that she wanted to make Mother’s Day special for her mum by playing football with her, my joy knew no bounds (like dad, like daughter). It is another story that the wife’s outright refusal dampened the daughter’s spirits to a certain degree. However, we made the day special by having pepperoni pizza overloaded with extra cheese – something both wife and daughter adore. Peace.

Coming to Mother’s Day, I was curious as to how it came into being. Here’s the story behind it: A lady named Ann Reeves Jarvis was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers back in the times of the American Civil War. When she passed away in the year 1905, her daughter called Anna Jarvis started a campaign in the United States to make ‘Mother’s Day’ a recognized holiday in the country – a day to honor all mothers around the world because she believed that a mom was ‘the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world’. And hence, the first Mother’s Day came to be celebrated in the year 1908, when Anna held a memorial service for her mother at a church in West Virginia. This was her way to honor her mum by carrying on with the work she had started out to do.

Now I’m looking forward to Father’s Day which is still more than a month away. Will it be about football, along with other things? Fingers crossed!


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