Changes in Parenting

Most American kids play a lot of virtual games, but not enough play actual outdoorsy games, be it free play or organized. Many things have changes in society and the family unit. Urban areas are densely populated and people feel unsure about letting their kids go out on their own to play. As both parents work, kids might actually miss out on simple fun trips around the neighborhood too.


leavesexplosion by Giulio Mola

Good Change

There seems to be more football in the classroom than out of it, which is kind of sad. But, as parents, caregivers and schools are realizing and comprehending the side effects of this, they are trying to bring about a change. Parents are getting more aware and making sure that their kids have more time for outdoor play. Food habits are being changed to make kids healthier. Better parenting is leading to bringing up more responsible kids.

Kids grow up understanding that eating right, playing well and living right is good for them and that helps build a good social structure.


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