4 Gift Ideas for the Football Loving Kid

Every year end holiday, we all get caught up in buying gifts. Sometimes we are smart and we start early, but there are plenty of times, when we all do last minute shopping resulting in gifts, which may be completely wrong.

Christma Tree

Image by Mark Quintanilla

This is one tradition that is difficult to break, especially with kids around. Generally it’s great fun to pick gifts for kids, as they are pretty enthusiastic about getting them. Their pleasure at getting one is loud and clear!

The tradition of gifting

Baby Jesus got gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Kids nowadays might not be very happy with those gifts, but presents are always welcome. We think it is Santa who brings our gifts, while in other parts of the world it could be St. Nick, Father Christmas, the wise men or the old lady Befana.

Gifts are also left in different places. They could be left under the tree, by the fireplace or dropped inside stockings. Interestingly, gifts can also be opened on different days during the holiday period. We open it on Christmas morning, but across the world it happens on important days in Dec/Jan, depending on the country.

Family traditions

Many families develop their own traditions around Christmas. Whatever the traditions, it is a wonderful opportunity for family to gather and spend time together. Kids develop a sense of a larger family, when they meet grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I know of kids who spend every holiday playing online games or oddly enough dragon games. For such kids, such gathering are a good way to step back and get a sense of family and belonging. Family  fills kids with a sense of comfort with older members telling them stories of their parents and other members of the family. In fact in many families grandparents share the responsibilities of bringing up their grandchildren. Such interactions help kids get comfortable with dealing with a variety of people.

4 gift ideas for the football loving kid

Sports Medals

This will work for kids who love to both play and watch football. Occasionally kids might not be comfortable wearing something around the neck. Such kids can pin it on their backpacks.


An all time favorite which never goes out of fashion. Kids love football jerseys and wear them with pride(adults do too!). If they already have them, something else can be picked up[ from the NFL shop.

Board Games

1st & Goal is a card based football board game for two players. It’s one which was highly recommended by a fellow fan, but feel free to pick any of the board games listed.


If the kids are old enough to enjoy a magazine subscription, they would love a subscription for Sports Illustrated for Kids. If you feel a more generic magazine would be suitable, there are a whole bunch to pick from.

Gifts are a good way to show how much you appreciate the other person. Plan your gift and make it count.

Happy Holidays!


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