Food and Football over the Thanksgiving weekend


“Thanksgiving 1900”. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

I read something the other day that surprised me. Thanksgiving Day is that day when Americans consume the most food in a year. Yes, that surprised me. I had thought people would play football or maybe go out and watch their favorite players. But no, we park ourselves in front of the telly and stuff ourselves. Yes we eat ourselves sick over the Thanksgiving weekend.

So when did this association of Thanksgiving and football start?

Well Abraham Lincoln declared the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863. After the semi formal association of playing football over Thanksgiving through the 1870s, it became a formal association from 1882 on, when the Intercollegiate Football Association started holding an annual collegiate championship game on Thanksgiving Day in New York. Most people had the time to play and watch and well, it became a tradition. Over the years NFL’s three games over the Thanksgiving holiday too have become a tradition, with many teams playing in throwback uniforms.

Well, let’s keep the tradition alive this year too – lets eat, watch and play football. Happy Thanksgiving!


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