How NFL leverages Technology

With NFL embracing technology, most players have technology in every facet of their lives, right from video games for relaxing to technology for training. With technology changing the game itself, it is a time of technological revolution within the NFL, even as they try not to forget the traditions which brought them where they are today.


NFL International Series – Dolphins @ Raiders (7) by Danlel

4 facets where technology has made a difference:

Technology for the League

The League uses “The Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider” to capture high speed data from players who are wearing sensors on their body. Receivers at the stadium collect this data. Now this data is used in a variety of ways. Coaches can use it to study the players and design training specifically for a player. Player data can be broadcast to enhance the experience of watching a game and players can understand better how to improve their game.

Technology for the Viewers

As viewers are a very crucial and important part of the NFL world, viewer experience is given a lot of thought at the NFL. Television has helped bring in thousands of viewers over the years, especially with the large screens set up in clubs. With broadcast technology improving, instant replay systems really caught the fancy of viewers. Seeing a fast game in slow motion during the slow parts of the game, increased the fun in watching a game. When the 1st and ten graphical representation was used a tutorial for fans to understand the sophistication of the technology was created. Today statistics from players are broadcast to add to the fun of watching a game.

Technology for the Fans

When fantasy football was created completely based on the statistics of real games, it caught the fantasy of the fans. It could not get better – regular fans could build teams with real players and their statistics, and have multiple football games on their own. So, technology and the NFL seems to have a partnership which is furthering the game. NFL has also introduced apps for games for kids, hoping to wean them away from generic online games to games like Game Day Heroes. This is an important step as this will help establish a future fan base, if not a pool of football players to pick from. Catch them Young is always a good strategy.

Technology for the Players

9694032079_1185fd5b02_z (1)

Coach Chuck Kyle and the St. Ignatius Wildcats by Erik Drost

Traditionally players have watched past games to understand how games have played out, how they could have better or even something like understanding strategy. Now players use 360-degree virtual reality to be closer to actual game play. Coaches can actually see players stance and position and they can train their players without actually sending them out on the field, thus reducing wear and tear on the player. For players they are immersed in the game via technology.

With all the technology that is being incorporated into the NFL, it is of paramount importance not to lose the human touch be it while dealing with players, fans or coaches.


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