Fun Ways to Learn Coding

Literacy is no longer confined to reading and writing; joining this duo is coding. In a world driven by technology where channels of engagement have changed, to learn or to at least understand coding and how it works is necessary. It will help children navigate different digital channels and even create new ones!

Coding drives most digital creations and the way they function, from games to websites. So where do children learn about coding? Naturally, the place where it all happens. This is what makes learning how to code fun. Imagine playing pet games and then the next thing you know you are learning to code as you go about creating pages for your virtual pets!

Fall 2011 Student Hackathon CodingFall 2011 Student Hackathon Coding” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Benefits of Coding

Children with an interest in technology-oriented careers are not the only ones who need to learn coding. There are several ways in which coding benefits kids. Here are a few –

  • Coding encourages logical thinking.
  • Children can work on problem solving by simplifying a complex issue into smaller steps.
  • There are opportunities aplenty for creative thinking as kids try to come up with solutions to get past hurdles.
  • It allows kids to create apps, games, websites and more on the digital platform, and turn ideas into reality.

Sublime WowSublime WoW: Website Code over 1000!” by Lord James… is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Learning to Code

Children can learn to code via games, online tutorials and courses. Here’s a list of resources that teach basic concepts.

  • Lightbot Jr. – Ideal for kids between 4-8 years. Teaches concepts like writing instructions, debugging and loops.
  • Code Monkey Island – This is a popular board game that teaches kids concepts in computer science.
  • Kodable – Through mazes and Fuzzes, this app teaches kids between five and seven the basics of programming.
  • Code Combat – It is a multiplayer fantasy game that teaches programming languages like Python and JavaScript for beginners.

 App Kodable

app – Kodable” by auladetecnologia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Machineers – This is a puzzle game that is said to help users learn the way a programmer thinks as they solve the puzzles.
  • Bee-Bot – Based on the Bee-Bot floor robot, this app teaches directional language and programming.
  • Scratch – Created by MIT, Scratch is a platform where kids can learn to program stories, games and animations.
  • Hour of Code – An initiative by Codeacademy, this is an iPhone app that teaches kids to create and run a program within an hour.

Smart Game CodingSmart Game Coding” by Harris County Public Library is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coding is a behind-the-scenes task master who drives the way we engage digitally. With a growing reliance and demand for digital products, knowing even the basics of coding can help kids grow more comfortable with the digital medium as consumers or creators.


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