How Virtual Pets Help Kids Adapt to Real Pets

Imagine having a pet that will neither make a mess on the floor nor chew up your shoes! If your kids are hankering for a pet, it’s time you got home one and still stay miles away from the difficulties of managing a real pet at home. We’re talking about having a virtual pet at home. You may not be able to carry it around or snuggle up to it at bedtime, but your kids will learn a good deal about commitments, relationships, and responsibilities while bringing up the pet.

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Real vs. Virtual

You must get your facts straight before bringing home a virtual pet. Your child will be engaging herself in a virtual world for considerable amount of time where she’ll be feeding and taking care of her pet at regular intervals. You must be ready to chalk out a routine for the child to follow that will allow her sufficient time in the virtual world as well as the real. While a few virtual pets die or run away when not properly fed or taken care of, others remain alive despite not being fed; only their health meters will constantly remind you to feed them, like in Neopets. As parents, you decide wisely if what kind of a virtual pet would you like your child to have.

What are the types of virtual pets available online?

Some virtual pets are found online where a child needs to log in daily and take care of it while the other types require to be downloaded on the computer where they become like any other computer game. The third type can be played on a game specific device such as Nintendo DS and is device-specific. Most of the times the device-specific pets are completely portable, so your child can take her pets with her wherever she goes.

How does the concept work?

Despite virtual pets coming in three different types, the most common is the kind that are found in the cyberspace and that can be accessed by a simply logging in. Though most of them are offered free for a limited period, they can be later purchased at a nominal price. Children can also engage themselves with the in-website games and other activities that the virtual pet world offers.

How can children adapt to real pets eventually?

Having a virtual pet can teach kids what it takes to feed and care for an animal and have fun with it in a virtual environment. As I said earlier, the virtual pets either die or run away if not fed at the right time or not taken care of as directed. If a child becomes involved with her virtual pet, she’ll log in effortlessly at regular intervals to tend to her pet. In other words, the virtual pet will ready her to welcome a real pet into her life!


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