Backyard Ideas for Active Play

When I was younger, I was utterly fascinated by houses with big backyards. We moved around a lot and have had our share of houses. My most favorite one was the one with a huge backyard and fields for miles around. It gave us a chance to run around, to play sport, to just lounge on the lawn, to build forts and take them down at our whim. It was magical and I always imagined I would own a house like that someday. With the realities of life as it is, it was quite a while before I could own something like that. After many compromises (one must compromise sometimes) and many houses, I finally found one big enough to have the kind of backyard I wanted.

I’m not a greedy man and I didn’t want big sprawling acres so the house was perfect. I fell in love immediately and all of my day dreams of how I would transform it started swimming around in my head. I knew that, realistically, I couldn’t bring all the ideas to life. I was okay with that. However, there are some ideas I was able to materialize and there are some more on the “someday” list. Some of those ideas, I’ve listed below. Consider this my backyard bucket list.

Inground Trampoline

A Swing Set

Giant Outdoor Waterbed

Willow Den

Race Track

Beach Sandbox

What would be on your dream backyard bucket list?


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