Essential Rules to Keep Kids Active

Physical activities help children to not only grow strong bones and discover the world around them but also to maintain a healthy weight. It’s required of children to be active for a minimum of two hours in a day so that they remain fit and active. Follow the essential rules below to help kids stay active.

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Think beyond organized sports

Though there are multiple benefits of playing pet games online, nothing can really beat running around with a pet in real life and burning calories. Agree kids don’t need to burn fat but they do need to stay active. Slumber is just as harmful for kids as it is for adults. So think beyond organized sports like baseball, basketball, etc. and engage kids in activities such as watering the plants, running around with pets, playing “Red Rover, Red Rover”, asking them to fetch you things you need from the floors above, chasing butterflies, etc. Not many kids like participating in the regular spots events and classes in school, so it’s a good idea to help them stay active with other equally beneficial physical activities.


Every home must have a TV deadline for kids. However schedule the TV deadline keeping in mind the child’s favorite shows. For example, if your child loves watching a certain TV program at a certain time, don’t forcefully take that time away from her routine. Instead accommodate that in your ‘TV deadline rule’. The main objective is to prevent lethargy from creeping in your child’s life, so don’t make TV disappear from your child’s life but try and curtail it so that she gets time to step out and indulge in playtime with peers.

Make play fun

Don’t worry too much about the rules. In other words, making rigid rules in a kids’ game is the worst possible mistake one can make and the best possible way to ensure kids aren’t active. Parents must be contended as long as kids are running, hopping, jumping and have fun because that’s the best they can do to their health at their age. So oversee your child’s playtime but avoid becoming strict disciplinarian.

Never reward food

Avoid proposing food as giveaway for any game. It’s no wonder that juvenile obesity is so prevalent today. Most parents teach their children to eat healthy on the one hand and also give them junk food sometimes as rewards on the other hand. Promising a cotton candy or a fast food burger form your child’s favorite joint for completing her homework on time drives home a wrong message and should be avoided. Instead reward them with extra playtime or a book.

Plan holidays

Avoid planning your family holidays where there aren’t many activities for the kids to engage in, examples being historical sights, mountains, etc. Instead head to beaches, riversides, or another city that has plenty of activities for children. Parents would certainly want to avoid cranky children on family trips and children would also want ‘anything fun but studies’ from their holidays. Ill-planned holidays will make kids reluctant to play around and have fun.


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