3 Educational Games that Teach Kids Responsibility

Most parents have used some form of online educational games to help their kids become better learners. How about using games to help them become better people?

Responsibility is an important character trait that lets kids grow into positive and mature individuals. Here are 5 fun educational games to make your little one learn team skills, practice fair play, take turns and understand the effects of his actions on others.

Playspielende kinder” by Martin Abegglen, licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

The Rescue Game

This is a team building game that focuses on collective responsibility and encourages players to be responsible for each other while playing different roles. In this educational game, players must imagine they have been the victims of a plane/train/car crash in the mountains, with each person sustaining different injuries – one player has been blinded, another has lost his legs, a third player has lost the power of speech due to the shock, and so on. The goal is to travel across a pre-defined space in order to reach the point where their rescuers are waiting for them. The condition – all players must reach their destination together without leaving any member behind.

The Recycling Game

This interesting and educational game makes kids develop an environment-friendly attitude while teaching them how to recycle responsibly. Here’s how you play it:


  • Paper tubs
  • Recyclable items made of paper, plastic and aluminum


  • Hand out tube filled with recyclable items.
  • Now, invite everyone to sort out the items into the correct categories.
  • The first child to do this within a specified period wins the game.

This educational game is lots of fun and helps to remind players about the wastage caused when we do not recycle. They can use their newly learnt skills to help reduce wastage at home.

Board Games

There are a variety of popular board games that teach kids responsible behavior in various areas. Whodunit for instance, encourages players to identify acts of god behavior in school; The Game of Life instills financial responsibility in young players; Battleship is all about honesty and fair play; Angry Animals 2 helps kids express their anger in productive and healthy ways, and so on. The best thing about board games is that they can be used to teach responsibility to kids of all ages in a fun and stress-free environment and that they help build family bonds in the process.

Learning to shoulder personal, interpersonal, family and global responsibility is a vital part of your child’s development and the process can start as early as preschool. Make sure your kids get started as soon as possible!



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