4 TV-Free Holiday Activities for Kids

My kids so look forward to school breaks but it’s a tough job to keep them occupied once the initial euphoria vanishes. And since I try not to use the TV as a babysitter, finding fun and creative things to do is sometimes challenging. So sometimes we check out holiday activities online, but mostly we try stuff that gets the kids off the couch and into the sunshine (or the snow.) Here are some great holiday activities to squeeze the most fun out of your vacation.

Mountain KidsMountain kids” by Travis Swan, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Scavenger hunt

Sunny, rainy or snowy, scavenger hunts or geocaching will always be an enjoyable holiday activity for kids of all ages. Depending on the ages and interests of your kids, make a list of things to locate – it could be leaves, flowers and twigs or small objects like toys, candy, pencils etc. Add a hi-tech touch by letting the kids take pictures of the items they find and then use them to make an interesting collage. Make the activity extra special by rewarding the players with small prizes.

Community activities

Head out into the community and see what your local community center has to offer for kids. From sports to crafts to dances, this is the place where bored kids can definitely find a holiday activity they like. Many centers have an event schedule you can pick up ahead of time and get your kids’ vacation planned and ready. Make sure they’ve signed up for classes early before they’re full up.

State parks

There are hundreds of state parks where your kids can explore nature and history and have loads of fun in the outdoors. My kids absolutely adore leaping over rocks, looking under them, splashing in the water and hiking the trails. Spending a weekend in a state park gives them plenty of exercise and helps the entire family relax and rejuvenate. Besides, most state parks bring the state’s cultural history and heritage to life for kids, if you’re looking for an educational experience.

Go swimming

The summer holidays are perfect for cooling off in the public swimming pool or by the beach. Encourage your kids to brush up their butterfly, backstroke and front crawl. Swimming is one the best exercises so I usually take my kids to the pool every day in the summer. They love to get wet in the hot tub and spin on the slide for added fun – it may not be Malibu but it definitely helps to beat the heat!


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