Raising your kids to be tech savvy

Almost as essential as ABCs and 123s are technology skills as the world is becoming more digitized and classrooms are following suit; digital literacy is the new buzzword. Kids are exposed to a range of technology so early in life that they rely on gadgets to teach them their alphabet and numbers. Needless to say, parents have to lend a helping hand to kids as they take their first baby step into the big wide world of technology.

Kids can start with online kids games that familiarizes them with the use of mouse and arrow keys. These games use sound, graphics and simple moves that young children can easily grasp, making them popular. Gradually, kids can begin using apps and games that are designed to teach them specific digital skills like coding and more.

P1070196P1070196” by Daniel Messer is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Basic Technology Skills

Kids should be familiar with basic computer skills like mousing skills, keyboarding, online research skills, communicating via emails, and coding. Mousing skills can be taught with simple games like Mousercise, while BBC’s Dance Mat Typing shows kids how to move those fingers across a keyboard. Instructions in online safety must precede your child’s use of the internet. Teaching them research strategies will help them use the internet efficiently. By the time your child is in elementary school, they will be ready to tackle coding with apps like GameStar Mechanic, Scratch and Hopscotch.

Kids TabIMG_7969wtmk” by Jen is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Must-Have Gadgets for Kids

Here are gadgets that kids have to be familiar with if they are to tackle the world outside home and even within home.

  • Computers – Whether these are laptops or desktops, kids will need computers as even their classroom assignments these days are dependent on research and emails. Many schools are also introducing class blogs and online submission for assignments.
  • Cell Phones – There are many child-friendly phones out in the market that allow parents to program numbers, and to disable picture and text messaging. This allows kids to use technology appropriately, allowing them more control as they get older and more responsible.
  • Tablets – These are versatile and portable gadgets and allow children to read virtual textbooks and to use apps. They also include touch screen technology and parental controls.

GamesGames” by bane bane is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Armed with the technology know-how, kids will have an edge not just in today’s job market but in staying social in a world that is growing very dependent on gadgets.


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