5 Things in 2015


The holiday season has come and gone and we’re well into our talk of making and breaking resolutions. My daughter is now at an age where she feels that any time she’s spent not doing something ‘cool’ is a time that is wasted and so we have, for the first time, come together as a family to make these 5 resolutions we are determined to keep.

  1. Get Unplugged

My work relies so much on using gadgets that this one is going to be a real challenge for me. I know the kids and wife are going to find it hard as well, with games, work emails just at the touch of a button. We’ve decided to stop the use of gadgets after 7pm. We will focus instead on books, board games and getting to know each other better.

  1. Eat Meals Together as a Family

We have the bad habit of just picking up whatever is there to eat and walking out with it or with just serving ourselves and sitting in front of the TV. We have blamed it on our different work and school schedules but really, we should be making more of an effort. So this year, we’re going to have at least one meal together and use the dining table that has been sitting unused for far too long.

  1. Exercise

It is a ripe chance for us to keep ourselves active and healthy while at the same time, doing things we love to do. We intend to spend more time in parks, playing sports that we can all play as family and going for regular walks or runs.

  1. Volunteer

My education and my life and most of who I am has been inspired by people giving me a chance, people supporting and sponsoring me when I had almost given up. In order to pay it forward, I decided to put this as a priority this 2015. Building a spirit of altruism among my kids is also a big plus

  1. Save Money

We have already gone mental on this task. We have bought a giant piggy bank in the shape of a TARDIS (the kids and wife are huge Doctor Who fans) and we’ve been steadily putting our money in – dollars for every resolution we tick off, dollars received as pocket money and dollars just because we felt like saving up.

Let’s see how many of these we can stick to!


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