12 Days of Christmas – Dreams of a Man Cave

I sometimes want to complain that Christmas is more a season for the kids than it is for us adults. Considering we don’t really grow up, just grow more responsible, I demand that us “grown up’s” also have their own Santa! I already know what I want – it’s what I’ve dreamt as a kid but have never been able to afford.

On the first day of Christmas I’d like this hammock.


On the second day of Christmas I want the ability to build myself this Kegerator.


On the third day of Christmas I’d settle for this Foosball Coat Hanger.

Foosball Coat Rack

On the fourth day of Christmas I’d love to realize all my childhood dreams and have a hidden bookshelf room.

Hidden Bookshelf

On the fifth day of Christmas I wouldn’t mind this multi-purpose pool table slash entertainment center.

Pool Table

On the sixth day of Christmas please build me this movie pit.

A movie Pit

On the seventh day of Christmas I’d love this light saber night light so I don’t stub my toe in the dark.Lightsaber Night LampOn the eight day of Christmas, this gaming corner would be nice.

Gaming Corner

On the ninth day of Christmas I’d love to invest in, erm, hygiene, because as they say, health is wealth and such.

This Sink

On the tenth day of Christmas, it would be brilliant to wake up and find a man cave with all the equipment required for bromantic sleepover. Read giant couch from heaven!

Giant Couch for Lounging

On the eleventh day of Christmas, a convenient way to open bottles and store caps would be much appreciated.

Beer Bottle Opener

On the twelfth day of Christmas I only ask for this simple car barbecue to keep the cold at bay.


Thanks in advance Mr. Jolly Red Man. Thank you!

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist?


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