4 Cool Reasons Why You Must Play Heroes & Rivals Today!

NFL Heroes & Rivals is the second installment of the football-based mobile games from the collaboration of National Football League (NFL) and JumpStart®. “Our NFL relationship and exclusive license to develop youth-focused learning-based games for the organization is incredible validation of the JumpStart team and technology platforms,” said David Lord, CEO of JumpStart, as cited by the gaming website. “We’re committed to helping the NFL reach its youngest generation of fans by giving this audience an unbelievably engaging and educational gaming experience.”

NFL RUSH Heroes & Rivals invites players to represent their favorite NFL teams and master the game of football with its multiple mini-games feature. After I downloaded Heroes & Rivals, handpicked my team and started my football adventure with the 8 mini games – almost immediately I found myself practicing Perfect Pass, Breakaway, Gridiron Drill, Tackle Trouble, Jump & Juke, Bat Down Blitz, D-Dash, and Upright Aim, the different positions on a football team! Just when I warmed up after a round of great mobile football, I took on my rival team in a game of Redzone Rivals where my smart strategies and football I.Q. helped me score points!

Here are 4 reasons why I feel Heroes & Rivals is indeed a cool football game –

Up your football IQ

The eight different mini football games are designed to train amateurs on various football positions such as quarterback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker, lineman, and kicker. The game of football smartly blends with the world of education where players will be getting a chance to hone their reaction and anticipation skills, develop prompt problem solving skills, and even practice key educational concepts in math, reading, and more.

Create your own team

It’s as cool as it can get. Heroes & Rivals lets you create your own avatar and choose it as the captain who’ll lead the team. Once the captain sets the path for a roaring victory, players can create and customize the rest of the team and begin the journey!

You get to manifest your love for NFL

Be it New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, or Denver Broncos, you get to choose your favorite team that you may want to represent in the game, wear their cool gear, and go on earning fans as you play. Every small action in the mini games earns your team points; so, continue playing Heroes & Rivals and help your favorite team taste sweet success in the virtual world!

Social connection

The best feature of any online/mobile game today is its social connect. In Heroes & Rivals, you can create your favorite NFL club, connect with other NFL fans, and cheer your favorite team together!

NFH Heroes & Rivals can’t possibly get better than this! It’s a must-play football game for all the crazy football fans out there! Try it today on your iOS or Android device!


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