Football Games to Keep your Child Occupied on a Rainy Day

Active kids can be more than a handful as the rains come calling, driving them to spend most of their time indoors. They can get restless and transform into little hooligans in a span of a few hours. It is a good idea to keep them productively occupied at these times so that they are easier to manage. A great way to do this is by channelizing all that excess energy into something fun like playing football. There are many ways in which you can bring football indoors and keep the kids busy!

Online Football Games

The easiest way to get kids on to football is with online games. NFL offers football games online and a host of football-related stuff with their mobile apps. Players can choose their avatar, position and team, before they begin to play the mini-games that are designed for each team position. Other online football games out there are Freaky Football, Quarterback Training, Touchdown USA and Field Goal.

Paper Football

Some would call paper football a classic. You can start by making a paper football. All you need is a sheet of paper and a table. You need two players for this. The players sit at the two ends of the table. The player has to score a touchdown and this happens when they flick the paper football and it slides off the opposite end. You can come up with your own variations of the game.


Invest in a foosball table. Soon you will be begging your kids to get back outdoors. The foosball rods can be pushed, pulled and turned to get the players to kick the ball and score a goal. This is again a game for at least two people. Check out more info on how to play the game.

Football Trivia

Football Trivia is a test of the brains and not brawn. You can simply whip out a football quiz on QuizUp, a free Android app. There are a choice of quizzes and puzzles available online. You can also turn it into a game of charades and get your kids to guess the football positions.

Playbook Football

Playbook Football” by gamethyme is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Board Games

There are a lot of football games out there like Playbook Football. All the components are made with wood, making it an attractive piece. Each game takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. It can be played by anyone over eight years. Big Sunday – The Ultimate Strategy Football Board Game is another game that is based on American football, and comes with a playbook and rulebook. NFL Game Day Board Games is an official NFL product and promises to be fun. There are plenty of other board games out in the market apart from these.


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