Fun Indoor Games to Get Your Kids Outdoors

When we visited my sister’s place, my children’s personalities would completely change. Normally boisterous and full of energy, you’d find them anywhere but indoors. However, when they were with their cousins, they’d be droopy and lethargic. They would much rather lounge in front of their TVs or X-Boxes. Outside? What is this strange place called ‘outside’?

Over the next few weeks, I decided to make my nephews my pet project. I challenged myself to turn them into outdoor sports lovers, just like my dad converted my bookaholic self. To my rescue came a very old adage – if you can’t beat them, join them. The next few times I visited, I brought over my collection of sports games and made sure I played with them. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my family, I also got to be the “cool” uncle.

What happened eventually is that my kids and their cousins started to discuss sports. They started to play around the house pretending to be some sports star or the other. Before I knew it, we were all outside, playing football.


I am no magician, but if letting kids play games online is a way to get them interested in real life sport, then everyone wins. They get fresh air, they get to interact with peers and they get some exercise in. So if you’re like me, trying to encourage your family to pick up the love of sport, here are 3 online and mobile games that could help you.

Football – NFL Game Day Heroes

Among all the NFL games online, Game Day Heroes is certainly one of the most action-packed. It includes a number of mini games that are all timed. My favorite feature is the ability to compete with each other using the same Wi-Fi network. The kids’ favorite feature is the variety of games so they never get threatened with repetition.

Soccer – FIFA World

Apart from the fact that FIFA world is free for download, the recent world cup has sparked a lot of interest in soccer and so you could easily get the kids interested in it. The controls are mouse-based, so your kids could pick up a lot of fine motor skills. The rules of the game are easy to follow and the gameplay is such that you imagine you are playing in front of thousands of adoring fans!

Baseball – MLB 2K13

No, the name is not a random set of alphabets and letters. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. 2K13 is the latest version of this amazing baseball simulation game. I know that when we were younger, every kid had a baseball card collection, but I hardly know any kid that has it these days. A lovely sport that is loved nationwide, baseball helps develop team spirit and also your hand-eye co-ordination. You might want to start with this game and follow this up with the gift of a baseball glove.

There are myriads of sports games online and available on your tabs. I will, hopefully, write and review more games as I continue this blogging journey. When you’re ready to move on from online games to physical ones, you could start playing Tennis on the Wii or the Kinetic. Don’t worry, you will have the kids making full use of the backyard and the park soon enough!


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